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HELP > Create segment based on a marketing list based on Leads

Posted on by Microsoft Employee


I can't succeed in modeling a Dynamics Marketing segment based on a (customer's) Marketing List based on Leads (in French "Prospects").


As I model the segment based on the following (see screenshot) 

  • Marketing List > List ID or Name = the (CRM) Marketing List Name
  • then traverse from List Marketing to Leads to Conntact as per the below screenshot.


Unfortunately volume estimates comes out with a tiny volume when the original Marketing list based on Leads contains thousands of recorxs

Any heklp / suggestions on the mistakes I'm making while modeling the segment ?


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    cloflyMao Profile Picture
    cloflyMao 25,194 on at
    RE: HELP > Create segment based on a marketing list based on Leads

    Hi tferey ,

    1. To get clear understanding about relationship definition in the drop down list, you could read below article:  

    As the article said:

    PrimaryEntity -> SecondaryEntity (FieldName)

    FieldName is the name of the lookup field through which the relation is established. It is always shown in parenthesis. The named field belongs to the primary entity.

    For your final clause, it could be regarded as querying Contact field of Lead entity, 

    however, I found no such field in Lead's existing field and as the article mentioned,

    you should instead select Lead -> Contact (Parent Contact for lead) relationship to get contacts associated with lead, because Parent Contact for lead is an existing field for lead entity,


    as what example the article gave:


    after changing it, and if your contacts were qualified from lead records, then you could get proper estimates volume.


    ( In addition, I don't know why Lead -> Contact(Contact) is an option in drop-down list because there is no lookup field named Contact for Lead)

    2. You may be doubt that why Marketing list <-> Contact(listmember_list_lead) relationship could query leads under a marketing list,

    because there is no listmember_list_lead field for Marketing list entity, and its a view to display all leads which are associated with current marketing list.

    Below is my thought to explain:

    Actually Marketing list to Account/Contact/Lead is N:N relationship, there is an intersect entity to connect them,

    this entity is listmember(you can find all of them in customization).

    For example, if you have 6 leads in a marketing list, then there are 6 records of listmember to save their relationship:

    record 1: listid: xx; leadid: abc

    record 2: listid: xx; leadid: def .. etc (You can query these records by fetchXml)

    So it seems that doc not mentioned that N:N definition would be special type in relationship selector.

    (It would be comment in the article: In some cases, you might see two or more relationships between the same two entities, each of which flows through a different field.)

    You could read article below for better understanding N:N relationship:



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    d_radulova Profile Picture
    d_radulova 2 User Group Leader on at
    RE: HELP > Create segment based on a marketing list based on Leads

    Hi @tferey,

    First things first, have you got an update to install? That's the pre-october release way of creating segments.

    Can you go to your instance picker (list with environments) select the  one you have marketing on> click applications > find the marketing one which has a status configured > click manage,  and then it will either say you app is up to date or it will give you the option to update.

    When you update, you will get the new segments UI which is more intuitive and hopefully will make a bit more sense. I'll talk you through.

    Let me know how you get on.



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