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WHS Inventory status change

Posted on by 28,341

I have an Item 'Small' which has been through WHS Purchase order receipt and put-away. All on-hand has the inventory status 'Receipt'.

If I attempt to change the inventory status of this item only, using either 'Inventory status change' or 'Warehouse status change', I get an error.

Inventory status change complains 'Item Small in location A1 could not be converted because not enough is available.'

Warehouse status change says:
Site=CDS,Warehouse=NDC,Location=A1,Stock status=Receipt
Small: 5.00 cannot be reserved because only 0.00 are available in the stock.

I don't understand why. Screenshot from 'On hand' from for this item is below:

  • GuyUK Profile Picture
    GuyUK 28,341 on at
    RE: WHS Inventory status change

    You have the same problem in that you created inventory transactions without having 'Inventory dimension extensibility' turned on?

    If I remember right, we enabled Inventory dimension extensibility, and then a developer wrote a job to call the code which populates the hash value.

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    TVO 125 on at
    RE: WHS Inventory status change

    I have the same problem.

    So what is the solution to the probem?

    Those lines in the InventDim cannot be deleted any more because there is available stock.

    What I now have stock is with inventory status blocked, with physical quantity, but with no amount physical reserved also no available amount. How is it possible that the amount is not available but also not reserved?

    There is also no uncompleted work on the stock.


  • Verified answer
    GuyUK Profile Picture
    GuyUK 28,341 on at
    RE: WHS Inventory status change

    I can answer my own question. There were a small number of transactions created before the Licence config for 'Inventory dimension extensibility' was enabled. There are records from this time in InventDim where the value in the SHA1HASH field is NULL. I think this is causing unexpected behaviour.

    I think it is worth shouting frequently to anyone who will listen : "If you want to use the Licence Plate and / or Inventory Status dimensions you must enable 'Inventory dimension extensibility'." (Or modify AX in this area).

    MS went to the trouble to shows warnings if WMSII was enabled alongside WHS. I think they should have put in similar warnings around using WHS without Inventory dimension extensibility!

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