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Unable to Add Marketing Emails in Customer Insights Data

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I've been using Customer Insights Data and I've encountered an issue. It seems that I am unable to add marketing emails to my Customer Insights Profiles in Customer Insights Data. I've tried several times, but the option to add marketing emails (msdynmkt_mails) is not available (for example for acivities).

Is there a specific setting or step I'm missing to enable this feature? I would appreciate any guidance or assistance in resolving this issue.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

  • Pablo MartinG Profile Picture
    Pablo MartinG 5 on at
    Unable to Add Marketing Emails in Customer Insights Data
    Take a look at this feature and see if it is what you need. It has been announced in GA in July 2024.
  • Unable to Add Marketing Emails in Customer Insights Data
    Permissions: Ensure that you have the required permissions to add marketing emails. Admins or users who have “Write” access to the ‘Customer Insights Data’ entity should be able to add them.
    Customer Profile Entity: Ensure that the Customer Profile entity you are working with has an ” msdynmkt_mails” field. This is where marketing emails are kept.
    Data Integration: You may have to turn on data integration for marketing emails. In the Customer Insights Data, check “Data Integrations” and make sure that ‘Marketing Emails’ is enabled.
    Known Issues: Some known issues with Customer Insights Data and marketing emails have been reported in the past. Known issues and possible solutions can be found on either the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community forums or official documentation.
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    Dengliang Li on at
    Unable to Add Marketing Emails in Customer Insights Data
    I encountered the same issue as you in my testing.
    The Marketing Email does not have a foreign key pointing to the contact entity.
    For marketing email interaction data, interaction data for outbound marketing emails is stored in Azure Blob and interaction data for real-time marketing emails is stored in Azure Data Lake.
    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li


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