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Cash Transaction does not Exist

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Client created Cash Receipt transaction and applied to Sales document, however the system crashed.  When returned to the system the following issues were encountered:

When I tried to find the entry using the receipt number (020296781), it said that "You cannot edit transaction that has been posted".

However, it looks like the "entry" got applied to the invoice as when I tried locating the entry through the invoice, it said that "This document does not exist".

Investigated RM20101 RM Open and found the transaction SALES001 as expected

Investigated RM20201 RM Open Transaction Appy - and found APFRDCNM (02096781) and APTODCNM (Sales001)

So it appears right. However when investigating in the application, open Transaction by Customer, select the Sales doc, see the Cash Receipt attached, however when you click on the Cash Reciept for details, says that the document does not exist.

Investigated the HISTORY tables and no record of the SALES001 or the Cash Receipt are found.

I know i need to remove them Case Receipt but  need to make sure I am getting the entire record when I remove it.  Plus what is the next step that will allow us to re-enter the Cash transaction and apply it correctly.


  • RE: Cash Transaction does not Exist

    Typically the message "this transaction does not exist' is due to the RM Keys record missing in the RM00401 table, as Gavin already suggested.  You can take a current backup and put it in a TEST company and run check links on the Sales series and see if check links recreates the missing record.

    If you need to remove it, typically you can run the "ALL RM' script for the cash receipt and remove all the records for it as listed in those script results (RM00401, RM10201, RM10101, RM20201) and then update the CURTRXAM amount in the RM20101 on any invoices or documents it was applied to, so you can apply to them again.  Then reenter the cash receipt and apply it again.

    But again, check links should clean it up for you too, but be sure to always do that in a test company first to see what it does and review the report to see what else it did and make sure you agree, as you cannot reverse what it did.

    Cheryl Waswick

    Microsoft Dynamics GP Support

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    Gavin 2,331 on at
    RE: Cash Transaction does not Exist



    Is the cash receipt present in the RM Key table (RM00401) or RM10201 (RM Cash Receipt Work)


    I suspect this is the case which would mean removing from the RM20201 and RM00401 (and possibly RM10201) and then running "Tools > Utilities > Sales > Reconcile" on "Outstanding Document Amounts" on that debtor to correct any unapplied amounts.


    You could also use the script here ( to search all RM tables to see if the document number 020296781 exists in any other tables. (I usually add "and TABLE_NAME like 'RM%'" to the script so it only searches RM tables i.e. see below )



    If it does you can check and remove from those tables as well. Hopefully you'll then be able to re-enter the cash receipt.


    As always take a backup prior to removing any data.


    Hope this helps




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