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Integration with external agile tools

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We are about to upgrade from PSA to Project Operations, and we are struggling to find a good way to manage pure agile projects within it. So we would like to know if Project Operations has any kind of easy (native) integration with one of the main market Agile tools listed below:

  • Jira
  • GitLab
  • GitHub
  • Targetprocess
  • Rally
  • Zepel

Or any other known. If not, what is the best way to manage backlog, epics and iterations in Project Operations? Remember that the focus is not software development agile projects but other kinds, and, that's why we didn't choose Azure DevOps as an option. It is way complex for the kind of projects we want to manage.

One of the pre-reqs is that they shall have full integration, as soon as just the activities will be managed in the outer tool. All the rest (finance, revenue recognition, time submission, etc.) would kept being managed in Project Operations (including the KPI's) 

  • hbenevento Profile Picture
    hbenevento on at
    RE: Integration with external agile tools

    Hi Carlos

    Thanks for the additional information! It helps as an adaption indeed!

    Also looking forward! DevOps could be improved to also handle non software development projects as many other tools did, and then integrated with Project Operations. Let's see what they have for the future!

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    Carlos Reyes Profile Picture
    Carlos Reyes 45 on at
    RE: Integration with external agile tools

    We have had the same discussion in our company multiple times, I know that it is not exactly what you are looking for but an alternative is to use project for the web as presented in the following guide

    looking forward for Microsoft to consider agile methodologies in the roadmap

  • hbenevento Profile Picture
    hbenevento on at
    RE: Integration with external agile tools

    Hi Antti,

    Thanks for your answer and it was really clarifying! I will take no as an answer for the integration, as soon as we don't want to go thru this way of complex development.

    Anyway, is there anything close to agile project management in Project Operations? I mean, any feature that brings at least some aspects of it?

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    apa Profile Picture
    apa 8,280 on at
    RE: Integration with external agile tools

    Hi hbenevento.

    Any integration to 3rd party tools (or even Azure DevOps) would be a custom integration. Is it easy or not is subjective. Changes from system X to Project for the web need to go through a special set of APIs, which makes integration - especially 2-way - a more challenging task.

    I've seen backlog, epic and sprint concepts customized in Dataverse to meet basic needs. In its simplest form I've seen Jira and ADO links surfaced on projects and tasks in Project for the web but that naturally isn't really an integration.

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