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One click unsubscribe: Contact not captured in Consent Center

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Hello community, 
I have switched on the one-click unsub feature and tried testing it out using a contact who was part of a real-time journey. 
After I unsubbed the contact within gmail, I do see the contacts' 'Bulk Email' status updating to 'Do Not Allow' within CRM.
However, I do not see their email/contact point being captured in the Consent Center within the Real-time journeys app. Is this normal?
Or am I mistaken? 

Thanks in advance!! Cheers :)
  • Dengliang Li Profile Picture
    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    One click unsubscribe: Contact not captured in Consent Center
    According to the Microsoft documentation.
    The emails you send to Gmail via the real-time journey are for the commercial purpose?
    The way you unsubscribe in Gmail is by one click on the Unsubscribe button or by clicking Unsubscribe link in email to go to the subscription center or preference center?
    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li
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    Fiona_Tiernan Profile Picture
    Fiona_Tiernan 258 on at
    One click unsubscribe: Contact not captured in Consent Center
    Hi Community Member,

    You should be seeing the Contact Point's updated preference captured in the Consent Center, but only if the link in your Email link was pointing to a Compliance Profile's Preference Center set up in Real Time marketing, rather than using the previous Outbound Subscription Center.

    Could you please confirm you are using the Preference Center page in Real Time to capture these changes, rather than a Subscription Center?

    If the recipient is still being pointed to a Subscription Center to update their preferences, their changes will still be updated via the Outbound process rather than displaying in Real Time's Preference Center. More information can be found here >

    Kind regards,

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