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SSRS report error - Parameter doesn't get passed

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Hi Experts,

I have created a custom SSRS report which needs to be printed from a form i.e.. the argument should pass to the report from the form. The report does not work and gives me the error while trying to generate, A value must be provided for the parameter Load Id. I will provide my code here, can anyone help me to find out if i missed something or what is the issue with the code please. Load id is my parameter for the report. 

Contract class:- 


public class SalesLoadPackingSlipContract


    WHSLoadId   LoadId;



        DataMemberAttribute('Load Id'),

        SysOperationLabelAttribute(literalStr(/Load Id/)),




    public WHSLoadId parmLoadId(WHSLoadId _LoadId = LoadId)


        LoadId = _LoadId;

        return  LoadId;




Controller class:- 

class SalesLoadPackingSlipController extends SrsReportRunController
    public static void main(Args _args)
        SalesLoadPackingSlipController    controller = new SalesLoadPackingSlipController();
        WHSLoadTable wHSLoadTable;
        wHSLoadTable = _args.record() as wHSLoadTable;
        controller.parmReportName(ssrsReportStr(SLoadPackingSlip, Common));
DP Class:-
class SalesLoadPackingSlipDP extends SRSReportDataProviderBase  //SrsReportDataProviderPreProcess //
    //contract Class
    SalesLoadPackingSlipContract  salesLoadPackingSlipContract;
    //Temporary Tables to get report Data
    LoadPackingSlipHeaderTmp   loadPackingSlipHeaderTmp;
    LoadPackingSlipLineTmp     loadPackingSlipLineTmp;
    //Data Tables
    CompanyInfo            companyInfo;
    CustPackingSlipJour    custPackingSlipJour;
    CustPackingSlipTrans   custPackingSlipTrans;
    WHSLoadTableCustPackingSlipJour wHSLoadTableCustPackingSlipJour;
    //Report Parameter value
    WHSLoadId       LoadId;
    public LoadPackingSlipHeaderTmp getLoadPackingSlipHeaderTmp()
        select loadPackingSlipHeaderTmp;
        return loadPackingSlipHeaderTmp;
    public LoadPackingSlipLineTmp getLoadPackingSlipLineTmp()
        select loadPackingSlipLineTmp;
        return loadPackingSlipLineTmp;
    private void getReportParameters()
        salesLoadPackingSlipContract contract = this.parmDataContract();
        if (contract)
            LoadId   = contract.parmLoadId();
    public void processReport()
        //to fetch report parameters
        companyInfo = CompanyInfo::find();
        CustTable       CustTable;
        WHSLoadLine     whsLoadLine;
        salesLoadPackingSlipContract = this.parmDataContract() as salesLoadPackingSlipContract;
            loadPackingSlipHeaderTmp.LoadId = LoadId;  // Added just one line for testing purpose
  • Martin Dráb Profile Picture
    Martin Dráb 225,490 Super User on at
    SSRS report error - Parameter doesn't get passed
    I see you set wHSLoadTable in main(), but you never pass it to the contract class. You'd need to do something like this:
    SalesLoadPackingSlipContract contract = this.parmReportContract().parmRdpContract() as SalesLoadPackingSlipContract;
  • Suggested answer
    Mohamed Amine Mahmoudi Profile Picture
    Mohamed Amine Mahmoudi 7,209 User Group Leader on at
    SSRS report error - Parameter doesn't get passed
    Hi @Alex,
    this problem has occurred when the parameter in report does not accept nullable or empty value.
    so you must go to the report and select the parameter and set :
    Allow blank true and nullable true.
    Best regards,
    Mohamed Amine MAHMOUDI

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