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Create Sales Order from email

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Our environment:
Dynamics Sales Hub and Customer Service Hub

This is what we want to do:
Automatically create a purchase order within Dynamics without having to purchase Fin&Opps or any other Dynamics products at the moment

A customer fills in a online MS form,with all the relevant details of purchase order
The forms data goes into Dynamics and automtically creates a order from the data supplied in the form. (The form will be structured so there are default options to choice from)

Can this be done via 'Automatic record creation' within Customer Service Hub and Power Automate?We have a license for Power Automate
I see one of the options via power automate is to create a order as part of the 'condition builder' 

Or is there another way to do this?

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    Shawnsauve Profile Picture
    Shawnsauve 1,087 on at
    RE: Create Sales Order from email

    Yes, it is possible to automatically create a purchase order in Dynamics using Power Automate and the Forms connector without having to purchase additional Dynamics products such as Finance and Operations.

    Here are the general steps you can follow to achieve this:

    1. Create a Microsoft Form: Create a Microsoft Form with all the relevant fields required to create a purchase order, such as product name, quantity, and delivery address.

    2. Create a Power Automate Flow: Create a new Power Automate Flow and select the Forms trigger "When a new response is submitted."

    3. Add a "Condition" step: Add a "Condition" step to the Flow and use the fields from the Microsoft Form to check if the customer has selected certain options or entered specific information.

    4. Add a "Create a new record" step: If the Condition step is true, add a "Create a new record" step to the Flow and select "Purchase Order" as the record type.

    5. Map the form data to the purchase order fields: Use the fields from the Microsoft Form to map the form data to the corresponding fields in the new purchase order record.

    6. Save and test the Flow: Once you have configured the Flow, save it and test it by submitting a new response in the Microsoft Form to ensure that a new purchase order is created in Dynamics.

    It is worth noting that you may need to configure the Dynamics connection within Power Automate to ensure that the Flow has the necessary permissions to create a new purchase order record. Additionally, you may need to customize the fields and mappings within the Flow to match your specific business needs and Dynamics setup.

    Overall, using Power Automate and the Forms connector is a great way to automate the creation of purchase orders in Dynamics without needing to purchase additional products or licenses.

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    Leah Ju Profile Picture
    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Create Sales Order from email

    Hi RachelColes,

    You mentioned that A customer fills in a online MS form, with all the relevant details of purchase order.

    If so, you can use power automate to seamlessly map Microsoft Forms responses into Dynamics CRM.

    Once form submission, you can use it to trigger your flow, then you can get details and add new records in Dynamics.


    Refer to the following link for more details: 

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