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Pay To (name) is not printing on Miscellaneous Checks

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I'm using Miscellaneous Checks in Financial Transactions for a few checks each week for one-time payees.  

When I enter the payee's name in the Pay To field, it doesn't print in that field on the check.  When the check is printed, it is the first line of the address.

I tried entering the name in the first address field AND the Pay to field, but then the name prints twice in the address section. 

How do I get the Pay To name to print on the check?

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    RE: Pay To (name) is not printing on Miscellaneous Checks

    Hello Janette,

    The first thing i would is check to see if the Report being used is modified. This can be done by drilling back on the User Security to the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window.

    1. Open the User Security window.
      1. Administration >> Setup >> System >> User Security
      2. Select the user.
      3. Select the company.
      4. Click the hyperlink 'Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports' to open the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window.
    2. In the Alternate/Modified forms and reports window, select the following.
      1. Product = All Products.
      2. Type = Reports.
      3. Series = Financials.
      4. Expand the Financials Folder.
    3. Do you see a check format? If so expand the it.
      1. Is it set to Dynamics GP or Dynamics GP Modified?
      2. If modified, if you set the security back to the core reports, does it print the missing information?
        1. If it now prints correctly, you will need to look at the modification to the report.
    4. If it is not modified, the next step would be to recreate and synchronize your forms and reports.
      1. To recreate the reports.dic, use the KB below. 

    1. To synchronize, use #2 in the KB below.

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you!

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