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System Message 818

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I am receiving a system message 818 when trying to release a batch telling me that the batch is out of balance. The amount that its saying that's out of balance is the exact total of my batch that I entered. What does this mean? 

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    RE: System Message 818

    SL checks that all items in a batch are in balance before it will release the batch. Several things could cause an out of balance batch, from a stray transaction line to a currency field not being populated. If the batch is small, it may be a quick task to open a 2nd window and copy the detail lines to a new batch, then delete the original batch that won't release. To correct a batch where everything on the entry screen appears to be in balance will often require reviewing the records in SQL to identify and correct the problem.

    Some reports can provide additional information when troubleshooting. For example, the AP edit report shows the number of documents out of balance in a batch.

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