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Clear upgrade path and known issues

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I have an instance of GP 2015 (14.00.1010 R2) running on a Server 2012 R2 with SQL Server 2014 (SP3-GDR)(KB5029184). i am looking to get to GP 18.6 on server 2019 datacenter and any new best flavor of sql. the upgrade paths are are somewhat hard to decipher. Would someone know the concise versions to help me get from A to B?
This would be a great help. Any known 'gotchas/ or items to watch for / issues I will run into would be amazing.
  • Clear upgrade path and known issues
    Thank you so much. This helps a lot.
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    Lisa at Profile Picture
    Lisa at 2,965 on at
    Clear upgrade path and known issues
    When I am upgrading from old versions, I like to get to the latest release of the old product before upgrading to newer released.

    Here is the path I took for a recent GP 2015 upgrade:
    1. Update to GP 2015 (14.00.1230)
    2. Upgrade to GP 2016 (16.00.0901)
    3. Upgrade to GP 18.5
    4. Upgrade to GP 18.6
    Because I don't like to have that interim software hanging out there on a production server (and I don't like changing the original server), I use an interim server for steps 1-3 (either in our environment or the client's environment if they have virtualized their servers) before doing the final step of the upgrade on the new production server.

    [Assuming you are moving to a new server, I recommend a test upgrade with users verifying the data, getting their GP 18.6 training, etc. in the new environment before scheduling the go-live.]
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    Terry R Heley Profile Picture
    Terry R Heley Microsoft Employee on at
    Clear upgrade path and known issues
    From our hot topic page in the notes section
    If you upgrade to the latest of GP 2016 - 16.00.0901 - then we can upgrade right to 18.5.1556
    Once you are on 18.5, then you can upgrade to 18.6
    From the system requirements page
    Way at the bottom is a cheat sheet for SQL versions and supported.
    SQL 2014 should get you through.
    It will not stop you on the last hop to 18.6 but it was not tested by us/ supported.
    Terry Heley

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