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In Transit Transfer Receivings

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Our development team needs input from some MVP/Developers on a stuck we are having with creating an In Transit Transfer Receiving


Encountering an issue when trying to create an In-Transit receiving’s transaction when using serialized items.

  • I’m unable to programmatically update or even distinguish what field is getting set for the Qty Ordered per line.
  • The first line of the transaction I’m attempting to create seems to always grab the first line from the In-transit that we are receiving against to populate the QTY Ordered field, no matter what sequence of the lines being populated via my import programming.
  • The field doesn’t seem to exist in the core tables being used, seems like a calculated field of some type.
  • My theory is that there is either a table or API call that needs to be addressed that I’m failing to identify, but as of now I’ve not had success in figuring out the missing component.


  • Coded using dexterity API calls


  • GP2013 / 12.00.0311.000


  • The table data population mirrors a manually entered GP throughout the following tables:
    • POP_Receipt - POP10300
    • POP_ReceiptLine - POP10310
    • POP_PORcptApply - POP10500
    • POP_SerialLot - POP10330



  • RE: In Transit Transfer Receivings

    Hello Andrea!

    Not sure I am following, but I can shed some light on the intransit transaction.  After an intransit is 'shipped' the receiving is going to pull that data from the following tables:


    SVC00701- Lines

    SVC00702 Serial and Lot tracked

    The difference then just a straight up PO receiving from a Purchase Order, is that we would pull the data needed from the POP10100 and the POP10110.  I hope that helps but we will leave this open in case someone has more information.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you for using the Forums!

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