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Problem Check Payment

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Good day Community,
I have a check payment dated 8/29/2022 with an amount remaining. When I try to apply via the Apply Payables Documents, it says document fully applied, so the check has not moved to history the document is seen as open. The current trx amount field is blank so the system is correct in saying it is fully applied. But the amount remaining on the check is not being dealt with.
Our financial year runs October - September, so this is in our previous financial year. I have run check links and reconcile prior to year end, I guess this was missed, not sure. As part of this FY close it needs to be dealt with some insight is being sort as to how.
Looking forward to some suggestions.
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    Problem Check Payment
    Rosemary -
    I am sorry for the delay in replying.  (I just located this old post when I was reviewing my community activity.)

    I don't know that the duplicate voucher number itself would prevent the move to history.  (I think that recurring transactions may retain their same voucher number.)

    If you are on a version with the Payables All-In-One Viewer, do you see all the associated documents and do they result in the Applied Amount = Document Amount?
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    Problem Check Payment
    Thank you for your response. With further checks I noticed the voucher number exists relative to another vendor in history dated 2012, can this also cause the transaction not to move to history?
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    Lisa at 2,976 on at
    Problem Check Payment
    It is worth running Check Links again even though you ran it last year end.

    If that doesn't clear the issue and you aren't familiar with reviewing data in SQL, you may need to reach out to your GP partner.

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