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Configure HTTPS

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

We tried to configure Https for an Enhanced Port. We got the URL as follows:


But inside that WSDL, we are getting service binding address as "HTTP".

<soap:address location="http://<HostName>:<PortNumber>/MicrosoftDynamicsAXAif60/<PortName>/xppservice.svc" />

So we just wanted to confirm is https is configured correctly or not.

Is there anything that we are missing, to make location as "https" instead of "http".

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    Bashir Ahmad Profile Picture
    Bashir Ahmad 5,248 on at
    RE: Configure HTTPS

    In AX 2012 services and Application Integration Framework (AIF), integration ports use adapters. These adapters enable AX to communicate by using various transport protocols.

    AX 2012 provides the following four adapters that represent predefined bindings:

    ·     HTTP adapter This adapter provides for synchronous message exchanges by using an HTTP or HTTPs transport.

    ·     NetTCP adapter – This adapter provides for synchronous exchanges by using WS-* standards support over the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) transport. This adapter corresponds to the WCF-NetTcp binding in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

    ·     MSMQ adapter – This adapter provides support for queuing by using Message Queuing as a transport. Message Queuing is also known as MSMQ. Message Queuing is a type of asynchronous communication. This adapter corresponds to the WCF-NetMsmq binding in WCF.

    ·     File system adapter – This adapter provides support for the asynchronous exchange of documents through file system directories.

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