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Alternative item in BOM/formula

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We are a company cutting things from plates. Normally we have a prefered size of a plate to be used for each item we produce. When we're out of stock of the prefered plate size we would like the master planning to search for a different plate size (in the same thickness). I've tried using formula, but cannot get that to work (some error message about item level). However I doubt that will work anyway, due to the fact that you cannot specify different consumption on the alteranative formula row. If I need 0,1 plates from a 1x1m plate to produce 1 item and I've got a 2x1plate on stock the consumption for that item would only be 0,05.

Is it me missing something here, or isn't formula and batchorders going to helo in this case. If not, is there any other way to get help from the system to propose a different plate?


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    RE: Alternative item in BOM/formula

    Hi Henrik,

    I do agree that quantity for alternate item does not look right, but, after retesting by adding on-hand for main ingredient, I found that, in this case, the required quantity for main ingredient is the expected one (see below screenshot).


    More, I have tested same scenario on latest D365 release with same results (i.e. when on-hand exists only for alternate item, required quantity for alternate item is a sum of both required items, but when we have on-hand for main item, then required quantity is the expected one being set on formula).

    Cannot say at this point whether the fact of the the 2 quantities are being summed up is correct, but with reference to your scenario, you might want to adjust the quantity for alternate item in such way that, when on-hand exists for alternate item, the sum will be the expected quantity for alternate item.

    Also, you might want to raise this issue to Support in case you have the time and possibility.

    I hope above will help.

    Best regards,


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    HenkeNord Profile Picture
    HenkeNord 459 on at
    RE: Alternative item in BOM/formula

    Hi Gabriel and thanks for your reply.

    I got it to work now! Suddenly I could put in a different quanityt for the alternative item. But I think the quantities are wrongly calculated. The Req. quantity for item gsraw2 is -3, shouldn't it be -2. I get the same result. It looks like the sum of std.item quantity and alternative item quantity is calculated in that field.

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    RE: Alternative item in BOM/formula


    With reference to your last topic and, maybe to try to answer to your initial problem, I have tested the ingredient substitution setup option (see next blog as an example, but with adding a different quantity on alternate item. The result after having a FULL regeneration of the plan (for all items) was that my planned batch order (and resulting batch order) are using the alternate ingredient item as only this one was having available on-hand.

    Below, few screenshots of my formula setup and resulting planned batch order.




    Remember that you need to run a full regenerative plan to get above results.

    I hope that might help with your case because I cannot really see other option.

    Best regards,


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    HenkeNord 459 on at
    RE: Alternative item in BOM/formula

    But if we think beyond plates and think of it as two ways of manufacturing something else where you can exchange one raw material in the BOM/formula with something else. Isn't that possible?

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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Alternative item in BOM/formula

    Hello Henke,

    I have seen companies using separate and specialized cutting programs for that.

    My knowledge is that this cannot be done in AX2012 out of the box.

    Best regards,


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