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Email integration via Azure Graph not working

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TL;DR My organization is running on-prem Dynamics GP 2018 and is trying to send out automated remittance emails when processing batches. I was able to get this to work several months ago, but after updating our instance of GP to 18.6, the integration no longer works. After the user logs into the MFA app, no mail gets sent.
The integration is set up to use an app registration in Azure AD/Entra to let the user's account access Exchange using MFA. This app uses Graph to access the user's mailbox and send mail. GP connects to this app after I enter the app I.D. into the /Company E-mail Setup/ window, then log into Entra with my admin account.
When a batch is processed and GP tries to send email, the user is prompted to log into the cloud. Since the user is already logged into a virtual desktop using an Azure-linked account, they usually just click their username to progress:
After this, the email should go out. However, it never does. It's not a mail delivery issue, since it's not even leaving the user's mailbox. It's not Azure either, since there's no error after logging into the user account.
These are the guides I consulted when setting it up in June of last year:
I have attempted the following while troubleshooting this issue:
If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. I'm not sure what else to try.
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    Email integration via Azure Graph not working
    Thanks Talon. I do not think any templates are being generated. While there are Word docs and PDFs in %TEMP%, none of them are remittance templates. I truly don't think the templates are being generated. I've also verified that when processing all batches, the "Remittance Form" option is checked. I've also verified all vendors are configured to use EFT remittance.
    I'm trying to research why these templates aren't being generated, but I haven't found anything yet. I'll keep trying and provide an update if I find anything.
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    Talon Meyer 90 on at
    Email integration via Azure Graph not working
    The file type is based on the file type selected for that vendor, usually .docx but .pdf and .xps are also options in that setup screen. I have seen GP create the documents in a subfolder below the TEMP directory, usually typing %TEMP% into the Windows Explorer address bar will get you to the same folder that GP is using. Here's a variety of next steps I would consider: 
    • Double check the %TEMP% folder for docx, pdf, or xps files after the user generates the remittance 
    • Can you "Print Remittance" instead of emailing? If it won't print the Word document to screen, it will not be able to email either 
    Payables Management in Dynamics GP - Dynamics GP | Microsoft Learn
    • Watch the "Templates Processing" bar at the bottom of GP to see if the files are generating successfully (or even trying to generate when emailing)
    The Dynamics GP Blogster
    • Is this specific vendor configured for EFT Remittance Emails?
    Dynamics GP Email Troubleshooting Guide - Dynamics GP | Microsoft Learn
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    Community member 10 on at
    Email integration via Azure Graph not working
    @Talon Mayer
    The user processed the batch again today. Again, the emails were not sent out. I checked the temp folders on the user's machine and did not see the Word template anywhere. I looked in C:\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp and C:\Temp.
    I assumed the template would be a Word document. Is this not correct? Could it be a DAT file?
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    Community member 10 on at
    Email integration via Azure Graph not working
    Hello, thank you for your suggestion! Unfortunately, we never had these fields configured in our Word template. Below are the values post-update vs pre-update:
    I will check the temp folder on the machine to see if the template is being generated correctly. I will provide an update on Thursday 2/29.
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    Talon Meyer 90 on at
    Email integration via Azure Graph not working
    Which build of 18.6 are you using?
    Have you confirmed the Word template for Remittance notices is still being built? There was a known issue with 18.6 where the upgrade routines corrupted some Word templates stored in the database:
    If the Word template was corrupted, it would stop your remittance email from going out too. 
    After attempting to send out remittance emails, check the temp folder of the machine to see if the template was generated or not. 
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    Elizabeth Hodge 160 on at
    Email integration via Azure Graph not working
    I'm having the same problem...

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