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adding columns dynamically to the excel template

Posted on by 768

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to develop a report based on the excel template. I use standard class XMLExcelReport_RU. I need to do one unusual thing I didn't before. I have created a temporary table with the info I'll need in my report. It contains records with the date field. Some records will contain the same value for the date field. I need somehow add columns with unique dates from the temporary table.

this is the code where I fill up my temporary table:

protected void createReport()
    int i = 1;

        smmActivityParentLinkTable = qr.get(tableNum(SMMActivityParentLinkTable));
        smmActivities              = qr.get(tableNum(smmActivities));
        tsTimeSheetLine            = qr.get(tableNum(tsTimeSheetLine));
        tsTimesheetLineWeek        = qr.get(tableNum(tsTimesheetLineWeek));
        for (i=1; i<=7; i =1)
                taskDaysFactTmp_ICL.ActivityType        = smmActivities.ICLPRJDevTaskActivityType;
                taskDaysFactTmp_ICL.ResponsibleWorker   = HcmWorker::worker2Name(smmActivities.ResponsibleWorker);
                taskDaysFactTmp_ICL.ActivityDate = tsTimesheetLineWeek.DayFrom   (i-1);    
                taskDaysFactTmp_ICL.Hours = tsTimesheetLineWeek.Hours[i]; 

#PageHeader section in my template  will contain dynamic columns with unique dates from temporary table.

To do this I need to go through all records from my temporary table and somehow add columns to template:

protected void fillPageHeader()
    while select activitydate from taskDaysFactTmp_ICL
        group by taskDaysFactTmp_ICL.ActivityDate
        order by taskDaysFactTmp_ICL.ActivityDate

How to add columns to template with unique date fields from temporary table?

Thank you.

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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: adding columns dynamically to the excel template


    I wonder if Excel is the right tool for this kind of report.

    To me it looks as if a power bi based report / cube would be better suited for this purpose.

    Have you checked out the standard cubes for AX2012?

    Best regards,


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