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The questions below concern only Real Time Marketing. Since Microsoft recommend a transition to RTM, we are trying to set up a plan for this transition and thereby avoid using Outbound Marketing altogether.

So the solutions we are looking for to the problems/questions below, we would prefer not to be solved with outbound marketing and the functionality available there.



We lack the support to automatically cancel of registrations from an event without manual intervention.


Various scenarios can arise when an event is to be held, below we list some of them.

1: Customers who receive an invitation and register.

2: Customers receive an invitation to an event but do not want to participate and do not want to receive further communications (reminders) for that specific event. They want to be excluded from event reminder communications immediately. How should this be handled most effectively?

3: Customers who receive an event invitation, do not register the first time but should receive one or more reminders to register.

4: Customers who receive an invitation, register, receive some of the reminders but encounter scheduling conflicts in the customer journey and want to cancel the registration and not receive further communications thereafter.

All the described scenarios above should be possible to handle in a single customer journey in Real Time Marketing, preferably without manual intervention, neither from customers (they should not have to call or email but be able to cancel the registration via a button or similar) nor system users.

We do not have a portal, so that is not an option for us to receive cancellations from there.

Does somebody know how we can solve this?

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    Mikko Berg Profile Picture
    Mikko Berg 11 on at
    Hi Eva,
    I would suggest the following:
    • Create a segment based journey for sending the invitations. It's probably easiest to create a new journey for each event.
    • Set the exit condition so that the journey ends immediately when person registers to the event.
    • Add the invitations to a series so that you can stop sending them when an action is performed.
    • Add two links to your invitation: one that leads to registration form and another for person to click on if they don't want to receive any more invitations.
    • Set the series to stop when the "I don't want to receive invitations to this event" type of link is clicked. I haven't tested this so I'm a bit unsure if you can properly use this condition when having multiple emails in a series. If not, then the journey needs to have a different structure like if/then condition after each individual email.

    • Create a real-time workflow that adds event registration guid to a custom field when new record is created.
    • Create a custom trigger that will run a flow which deactivates an event registration. Add event registration guid to the trigger settings so that you can find the right one in the flow.

    • Create another journey. This one should be trigger-based and start when someone registers to an event. The journey can be used for all of your events if you wish or you can add filters so that it will apply only to some specific event.
    • Create an email with a link for cancelling an event registration.
    • Add if/then condition to the journey and activate the custom trigger when the cancellation link is clicked.

    Please let me know what you think and if you we're able to find a good solution. 🙂
    Best regards, Mikko 
  • RudyZhang Profile Picture
    RudyZhang Microsoft Employee on at
    We have analyzed your needs, but as I understand it, it's hard to get all your needs from one Journey.
    Here are some of my ideas
    For your second requirement, if you are using a Journey based on /segmentation/, you can get the segmented members used by the Journey and then remove the segmented members that do not need to receive invitations again.
    I don't have any ideas for the other requirements at the moment, but I will get back to you if I have new ideas and test them successfully.
    Additionally, if you have an urgent need, I suggest you use the link below to seek technical support from Microsoft.
    Best Regards,
    Rudy Zhang

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