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Line discount group on sales order header

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On sales order header, I see there is a field called "line discount group" My question is, does this field override the price/discount assigned to the items in the sales order lines?

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    RE: Line discount group on sales order header


    Its totally up to the user whether he want to do override line discount or not based on Header price / discount group. System always ask by open a below message box so it is doable by both way.



    Sanjay Gupta

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    RE: Line discount group on sales order header

    Ideally order header properties gets overridden at line level. You really need to test but i believe if there are two different discount are being offered then both the discount - line level and order level discount will be considered.

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    RE: Line discount group on sales order header

    Hi fgil12,

    You can create price / discount agreement lines where the 'Account code' is set to 'Group'.

    If you set the same group on the order header (or on the customer, so that it defaults on to the order header) the order can use the prices or discounts in that group.

    If you've already (manually) entered a price or discount on an order, and you then set a group on the header, I expect Trade Agreement Evaluation functionality will kick in, and ask you what you want to do with the manually entered prices. Sorry, not near AX right now so can't test.

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