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Sales Order - Over Ship

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Posted on by UG Leader

For example, 

Customer ordered 10kg of banana

Create SO for 10kg of banana

Picker picked 11.20kg of banana

Can/How Dynamic NAV handle this? please advise

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    Sales Order - Over Ship
    Has anything changed on this?
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    Alexander Ermakov Profile Picture
    Alexander Ermakov 28,088 on at
    RE: Sales Order - Over Ship

    Normally, you are not able to pick and ship more items than specified in the sales order. If you really need to ship more, you need to manually adjust the quantity in the sales order beforehands, or create a second line, or even create additional sales order for 1.2 kgs in your example.

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    Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member UG Leader on at
    RE: Sales Order - Over Ship

    You can not ship excess quantity then mentioned in SO.  You simply need to open your SO and amend the quantity or add new line.

    If it is genuine requirement due to business scenario, you may go for customization to auto amend the SO quantity, however need to be very cautious while doing such developments.

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    TharangaC Profile Picture
    TharangaC 23,114 on at
    RE: Sales Order - Over Ship


    I am completely in a agreement with Indika. In Dynamics NAV it is not possible to ship more than the order quantity. (If it allows then I think it will be a loophole in the system).

    If the customer is in a agreement to pay for the extra quantity or if you are willing to give away freely then you can reopen the SO and add an extra line to the order.

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    RockwithNav Profile Picture
    RockwithNav 6,560 on at
    RE: Sales Order - Over Ship

    Hey Macchin,

    If You have made a sales Order of say 10 KG and you did the shipment, now if you want to do any changes or editing in the Order then any time you can go in Posted Sales Shipment on Lines section and do Undo shipment. Now again you can go to your Order modify the Order and do the shipment.

    Note - You can do above step only if you haven't don't the Invoicing.

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    Indikauk Profile Picture
    Indikauk 1,757 on at
    RE: Sales Order - Over Ship

    Hi Macchin

    In Simple Navision you Cannot Ship More Than Order Quantity in Sales Order.

    to handle this in Navsion you need understand the scenario properly,

    1. Sales Order is Agreement between company and the customer and it has Quantity ordered by the Customer with Agreed Price.

    as per your example since picker has pick the 1.20kg extra quantity how you are agreed with customer is important.

    *Customer willing to accept extra Quantity more than what he order?

    *Is he ok with you are charging him for the extra Quantity?

    if customer willing accept extra quantity with charge then you have to modify the order quantity according to Qty. what picker has picked.

    If not create new line for the same item and enter only the extra Quantity with or  without price depending on the case you are charging him or not.



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