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Gift Card to Ledger Reconciliation

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Does anyone have experience with reconciling All Gift Cards Transactions with Voucher Transactions on their GL?
After a few years with F&O, we have quite a significant difference between our GL account and our All Gift Cards. My samples say that my gift cards are posting correctly, so I will need to match each transaction at an individual level.
I am able to fetch all of my All Gift Cards History data along with all of the transactions on my general ledger. However, I am unable to match these, as I do not have the voucher on my All Gift Cards Data and I do not have any GC number on my voucher transactions.
Has anyone been able to match these transactions, and if so, how? In an ideal world I would be able to find the vouchers in the All Gift Cards History.
I am looking forward to seeing your replies!
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    Kevin Xia on at
    Gift Card to Ledger Reconciliation

    To match these transactions at an individual level, you will need to find a way to link the vouchers with the gift card transactions. Unfortunately, if you do not have the voucher information in the All Gift Cards data and there is no GC number on the voucher transactions, it may be difficult to directly match them.

    However, you can try using other common identifiers such as date, time, or transaction amount to manually reconcile the transactions. Additionally, you may need to review any customizations or configurations to ensure that the gift card and voucher transactions are properly recorded and linked.

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