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Migration AX 2012 to D365 recommendations about huge table

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Posted on by 2,465

Hello Every one and Good day .

I need your RECOMENDATIONS about data Migration from AX2012 to D365

The scenario is : We have a very big database size (1.6 TB) When we start to replications to D365 it taken 2 days and 23 Hours . then when we start upgrade on LCS taken 9 HOURS then Error message appear we opened case with Microsoft they noted that the (size exceeded 4 TB ) and asked us to comperes data and clean to descries size of data , anyhow . we cleaned data in ax 2012 all Modules but still size around (1.4 TB).

Please advice which table we can not replicated at all for example ( Sales Table and sales line if all sales order invoiced we don't need it ) can I exclude these table ?

And other smaller table like (Purchase line)....

And which table I should be truncate before start replications Like (EVENTCUD table ).

Many thanks for your effort in advance

  • Khaled Ahmed Profile Picture
    Khaled Ahmed 2,465 on at
    RE: Migration AX 2012 to D365 recommendations about huge table

    Many Thanks Mr. nathanclouse

    Yes we have done all of that ... Please advice us  .


  • nathanclouse Profile Picture
    nathanclouse 30 on at
    RE: Migration AX 2012 to D365 recommendations about huge table

    Hey Khaled,

          I'd start with standard functionality available to reduce the overall size of  your database. I wrote a series of articles on this at the following links: (customization but worth reviewing) (customization but worth reviewing)

         If you've done all of that, please respond and i'll suggest some more ideas that are situation specific that may work for you.

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