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bills of materials are not used with item

Posted on by 95

My Item "Rough-interlock "has production type Formula 

When  I Create a Production Order and select  This Item I Get This Error MSG "bills of materials are not used with item Rough-interlock"

I Test The Formula and it calculate The cost and every thing is right

what's rong

  • Junaid Idrees Profile Picture
    Junaid Idrees 12,740 on at
    RE: bills of materials are not used with item

    Hi Amr,

    I hope that you must have decided using Formula not BOM as per business needs due to cost distribution and implications. Do you also produce co-products and by-products from your FG "Rough-Interlock"? And what about your Raw materials, Did you defined them as % or Qty.? I just wanted to know, Was there a really need of defining formula and why not BOM. 

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    Christoph Thaler Profile Picture
    Christoph Thaler 5,442 on at
    RE: bills of materials are not used with item


    as Ludwig mentioned there are two types of orders in the production module.

    • If you create a „formula“ on the item you have to create a „batch oder“ in production.
    • If you create a „BOM“ you have to create a „production order“

    on item level you have to set the field „ Production type“ accordingly. Based on this setup you can create a BOM or a formula on item level.

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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: bills of materials are not used with item


    Did you create a 'production order' or a 'batch order'?

    I would expect the latter one if you have a formula based item.

    Best regards,


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