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Non-existent fields in ssrs report on UAT environment

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Two environments: UAT and DEV
On-Prem enviroments with lcs and TFS.

We have a ssrs report. I have added two fields to the dialog form of the report. Like this:

class SSRSReportContract_ implements SysOperationValidatable
             [DataMemberAttribute, SysOperationDisplayOrderAttribute(/23/), SysOperationControlVisibilityAttribute(false)]
             public UserId parmUserIdLog (UserId _userIdLog = userIdLog)
                  userIdLog = _userIdLog;
                  return userIdLog;

I uploaded this code to the dev branch and installed the package on the DEV environment. Everything worked as expected. No problems.

Next, I needed to migrate other changes related to this class from DEV to UAT. 

I merged the necessary changesets from the dev branch to the uat branch. Compiled a AXDeployable with Azure Pipeline pakage and released it with lcs. Clicking the 'ApplyUpdates' button.

When the package was successfully deployed to the uat environment, my fields appeared and became also displayed on the UAT.

I checked out the uat branch, checked out the files in the package. There is no code associated with my fields.

It is interesting that I have a property: SysOperationControlVisibilityAttribute(false) on the fields, but the fields are visible on the form.
And also SysOperationDisplayOrderAttribute(/23/), while on uat they show the first

How to fix it?

Thank you!

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