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Structured payment reference on purchase invoice and payment proposal

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I am currently looking into the SEPA (electronic payment) payment option for a Belgian client concerning D365 F&O.

Now, something typically Belgian is the use of a structured payment reference, the format of this look like: +++123/1234/12345+++.

This makes it easy for a company upon receipt of the payment, to link the payment to their sales invoice. In other words, when you receive a purchase invoice from a supplier it often has a specific structured payment reference that has to be mentioned on your payment.

Now, I know that the payment reference can be set mandatory on the method of payment and that the payment reference field is the field that gets populated to the banking system as a reference. But is it possible to make this payment reference field structured using the format above? Without also losing the option of being able to fill out free text in this field, as not all suppliers use the structured option.

Besides, I am wondering if you can somehow already mention the payment reference (structured or unstructured) on a purchase invoice? In order that, when you select the purchase invoice in the payment proposal it already populates the payment reference on the invoice into the payment proposal.

Thanks in advance

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    RE: Structured payment reference on purchase invoice and payment proposal

    Hey there! It's great that you're exploring the SEPA payment option for your Belgian client in D365 F&O. Let's dive into your questions about structured payment references and their implementation.

    Regarding the payment reference field, it is possible to create a structured payment reference using the format +++123/1234/12345+++. To do this, you'll need to create a customization to the payment reference field in the method of payment form. You can add a regular expression validation to the payment reference field to ensure that it meets the required format, while still allowing for free text input for suppliers who don't use the structured option.

    As for mentioning the payment reference on a purchase invoice, you can customize the purchase invoice form to include a payment reference field. This field can be pre-populated with the structured payment reference, if available, or left blank for suppliers who don't use this format. When you select the purchase invoice in the payment proposal, the payment reference field will be populated automatically from the invoice, as long as it has been filled in.

    Overall, with a bit of customization and validation, you should be able to implement a structured payment reference system that meets the needs of your Belgian client, while still allowing for flexibility in payment reference input.

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    RE: Structured payment reference on purchase invoice and payment proposal

    Hey Maxim,

    There's a specific payment attribute in the method of payment for Belgian, structured payment ID. For the sales invoice you might need to consider to set up payment IDs (Accounts receivable > Setup > Payment > Payment ID.)

    AP Method of payment setup


    AP Payment -> Payment ID


    Below is how the SEPA XML generated through the vendor payment journal looks with a payment ID +++2211/6850/4472+++ -> Note, Issr = BBA - this is the type in which structured payment reference is structured. BBA – Reference is structured according to Belgian Banking Association.


    ER design


    Below is how the SEPA XML generated through the vendor payment journal looks with a payment ID PAYMENT123, so unstructured



    AX Documentation - A country-specific update is available for SEPA credit transfer and SEPA direct debit for France, Germany, Spain and generic formats in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 - Microsoft Support

    • "Belgium features - SEPA credit trans and payment id:

      • User can set "Payment id" on invoice/payment journal in Visual format of Belgian structured communication standard.
        Visual format will be converted to electornic format in XML file. This is according to Additional Optional Service 1 (AOS1) applied in Belgium to SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) and SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)
        "Visual representation" - It is what user enteror see in Microsoft Dynamics AX (with +++ *** and /, for example, +++2211/6850/4472+++ )

        "Electronic format" – It is what is inserted into XML file (just digits, for example, 221168504472)
        In that case, if Payment ID will be specified and will be in format like "+++something+++" or "***something***", and additionally Format = Strd (Structured for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009) is selected, XML file is generated with STRD message.

      • If user who generates file for Belgium did specify Payment ID but still that payment id format is not in Visual format of Belgian structured communication standard, in XML file it will be inserted as Unstructured.

      • In all other cases, it will be inserted as Unstructured message."

    Lastly, about the purchase invoice, the accounts payable clerk can enter the payment ID information in the invoice header. Once the accounts payable payments clerk generates the payment proposal, the system will get it.



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