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AX 2009: form with multi data sources

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Hi everybody,

It's the first time that I post in this forum.
I can't resolve a basic issue with three datasource in a form.

DS1  Inventtrans is joined with DS2  WMSJournalTrans (with innerjoin mode by properties and using native links between tables)

DS2 WMSJournalTrans is joined with DS3 WMSJournalTable (with innerjoin mode by properties and using native links between tables)

How can i add by code (and where can I add this code?) a relation between DS1 InventTrans and DS3 WMSJournalTable to obtain this restriction WMSJournalTable.packingSlip = InventTrans.packingSlipID ?

Actually I wrote In init() method of DS3 WMSJournalTable:

QBDSWMSJournalTable     =   this.query().dataSourceName("WMSJournalTable");
QBR_WMSJournalTable     =   sysquery::findOrCreateRange(QBDSWMSJournalTable, fieldnum(WMSJournalTable, packingSlip));

The result Query lokks like:

SELECT FIRSTFAST * FROM InventTrans WHERE ((TransType = 3)) AND InventTable.ItemId=InventTrans.ItemId

JOIN FIRSTFAST * FROM WMSJournalTrans WHERE InventTrans.InventTransId = WMSJournalTrans.inventTransId

JOIN FIRSTFAST * FROM WMSJournalTable WHERE WMSJournalTrans.journalId = WMSJournalTable.journalId AND ((packingSlip = N'inventtrans.packingSlipID'))

(in blue) It seem to be correct but there's no result in grid.
This query give me results in SQLServer.

Thanks a lot for support.


  • RE: AX 2009: form with multi data sources

    Hi Sergei and thanks for your support.

    It works.

    I've already used addlink() with no success because I wasn't writing the third parameter (DataSource Parent).

    With this third parameter (optional) : it works!

    Many thanks




  • Verified answer
    Sergei Minozhenko Profile Picture
    Sergei Minozhenko 23,083 on at
    RE: AX 2009: form with multi data sources

    Hi Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009,

    The code provided by you adds range (filter) by the field with value N'inventtrans.packingSlipID'. If you want to add the link, you need to use the method addLink on QueryBuildDataSource object.

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