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Management Reporter Backup for Reports and Folders

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Posted on by 55

Doing an Export in Management Reporter will not export te folders only the Reports. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Let me know


  • Lisa at Profile Picture
    Lisa at 2,965 on at
    RE: Management Reporter Backup for Reports and Folders

    I don't know where the tables may be actually documented, but the table names are usually descriptive enough (and accurate) that I can quickly find what I am looking for. 

  • Brig214 Profile Picture
    Brig214 55 on at
    RE: Management Reporter Backup for Reports and Folders

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your reply, this was very helpful. Is there some documentation on the content of all the MR tables.

    Let me know

  • Verified answer
    Lisa at Profile Picture
    Lisa at 2,965 on at
    RE: Management Reporter Backup for Reports and Folders

    If you are comfortable with SQL and have access to the ManagementReporter database, I can give you a hint on this with the latest releases of MR:

    -You need to insert the folder information from the original ManagementReporter.reporting.ControlFolder table.

    -The reports are assigned to the folder in the reporting.ControlReport table.  The folder is stored in the FolderID column.  (I was able to do this with UPDATE scripts where I read in the data form the original ManagementReporter database.)

    [I have only had to complete this process once for a client so I am not comfortable releasing any actual scripts.  It was very fast and easy to do once I found the data.  ]

    Once I got the folders inserted and the reports updated to the FolderID, I confirmed I could see them properly represented in Report Designer.

    [If you don't have the original ManagementReporter database, you could create the missing folders and then update the FolderID based on the newly created folders you see in the ManagementReporter.reporting.ControlFolder table.]

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