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NAV 2016 Reports issue with Japanese Characters

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I'm encountering an issue with Japanese language in NAV 2016 reports.
The setup is NAV 2016, CU 47, Report Builder 3.0 .
The application is used with english interface, but i need to create reports PDF in japanese.
The japanese text going in the PDF, is in part taken from the /translations/ fields in NAV, and in part translated using variables in the report itself.
I have installed the set of Japanese fonts on the server . I have also added the Japanese language pack to the server
On the server, i can easily add japanese text to a .txt or word document .
But, if i try to add japanese text as a text constant in the report, it shows with garbled characters
This is when i try to paste japanese text into a text constant
and this is how it looks once saved
When i create the PDF, all the japanese translations taken from NAV are displaying correctly, as well as any japanese text i may add to customer name or address, for instance.
But all the japanese that should come from the report, no way
Any advice is welcome!
thank you