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Making changes to fields/option set

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Our company recently bough Dynamics 365 for sales. I am currently supporting it but I am completely new to it. Asking a very basic question here - whats the best practice when making minor changes like updating options in an option set field. Would we create a new solution in sandbox, make this change and then import the solution in prod?

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    gdas 50,083 on at
    RE: Making changes to fields/option set


    You should create solution and add/create component inside it for any kind of changes in your dev environment , so that you can export as managed or unmanaged solutiin and import to your production. Make sure you create new publisher  while creation of solution so that you can identify easily the solution component.

    There is many things you need to understand while working with solution.

    Go through below article for more understanding-

    In addition there is a critical decision while moving solution whether you export managed or unmanaged solution from dev to import in production.  For me you should always use one base solution and change over thereby create patch for every minor delivery and while export  you should use managed solution so that you could easily uninstalled.

    You should also know about solution patch-

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    LuHao 40,844 on at
    RE: Making changes to fields/option set

    Hi partner,

    I agree with Adrian.

    If you are applying changes to production instance, it is not recommended to directly customize the default solution for production instance.

    The last answer I gave was to operate in the sandbox instance.

    You could use Adrian's solution.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,

    Lu Hao

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    Adrian Begovich 20,973 Super User on at
    RE: Making changes to fields/option set

    Hi SR11,

    The best practice is to create a minimal unmanaged solution in your development instance containing only the components you are changing. When you are happy with the changes, export the unmanaged solution from your development instance and deploy it to your UAT and production instances. I do not recommend making changes directly in production or in the default solution.

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    SR11 52 on at
    RE: Making changes to fields/option set

    Thanks for your answer. I have a follow up question- I see that you are suggesting making this change directly in production but isn't it best practice to make changes in dev/test and then push these to production?

  • LuHao Profile Picture
    LuHao 40,844 on at
    RE: Making changes to fields/option set

    Hi partner,

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,

    Lu Hao

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