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Customer accounts put on hold in D365 FO

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Hi Experts,
Your expert help and suggestions are required to achieve the below requirement.
We have put some customer accounts on hold and we don't want those records to be displayed in create SQ, SO etc drop down list for all the users.
Is it possible to achieve this requirement with out any customization from UI..?
Application: D365 FO cloud 
Installed product version : 10.0.34 (10.0.1591.100)
Installed platform version : Update58 (7.0.6931.116)
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    Naveednawaz Profile Picture
    Naveednawaz 25 on at
    Customer accounts put on hold in D365 FO
    As default it is not possible you need to make changes in form control Lookupcustomer
    public static void lookupCustomer(FormControl _formControl, CompanyId _companyId  = curExt(), CustTableLookupDisplayType _displayType = CustTableLookupDisplayType::Default)
            // The following block is needed for the case that intercompany transactions is disabled and someone passes
            // in an empty string. Ideally one would remove the "curext()" defaulting from the paramter list, but this
            // code was added as part of a bug fix, and did not have the scope or need of changing the interface.
            var companyId = _companyId ? _companyId : curExt();
            if (!xDataArea::exist(companyId))
                throw error(strFmt("@SYS10666", companyId));
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    Ramit Paul Profile Picture
    Ramit Paul 18,188 Super User on at
    Customer accounts put on hold in D365 FO
    Sadly no, The customers will still be visible as per the standard code deign unless you customize.

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