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[TFS] How to undo checkout by another user

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Hello, AX Masters. It is newbie here again,. 

The scenario is , my colleague left without warning and i am assigned to take over his jobs. And our supervisors cancelled his official Microsoft account right on the time he left.

It's not a issue so far, but ,as title ,I found serial problems that he leave several objects in check_out status on our local AX develop environment.

error message codes:

 TF10151: Cannot lock item is checked out by XYZ in workspace Abc

That make our team unable to make any further change since the actions totally locked those files.

In this environment,We used a same shared Microsoft account to VCS for develop. Since his local account XYZ still valid, i tried to log in the dev Env by his local account,but received this error message:

TF204017: The operation cannot be completed because the user ([sharedMSAccount]) does not have one or more required permissions (Administer) for workspace ABC;XYZ

I tried several solutions but not worked

1. Ask my boss grand my official Microsoft account the permission [ Project Administrator] to try to take some action on Azure DevOps. But after granted, the files still has no options to let me undo his change on the website.

2. With TFS Project Administrator granted account(my officialMSAccount), I Try to use Visual Studio Command Line and follow the guide on internet. But his workspace that the error message displayed is not existed.

Such confuse about this whole thing, and i'm stocked on this.

My description may be some massive, I'll fix it if you need more information. Please give me some suggestions to save my day, thanks!

  • Martin Dráb Profile Picture
    Martin Dráb 225,783 Super User on at
    RE: [TFS] How to undo checkout by another user

    As we should use intent-revealing method names in programming, let's keep discussion in threads with content-revealing names. Your additional question does not seem to be about "How to undo checkout by another user", therefore please create a new thread (with an appropriate title and tags) and explain your problem there. Thank you!

  • leon_shen Profile Picture
    leon_shen 20 on at
    RE: [TFS] How to undo checkout by another user

    Thank you, Martin, it work very well.

    As a notice to other who has similar issue, using command line must care about the quotation mark. I failed several times with input the file route with space while the command line recognize "$/abc/Data Dictionary" as "$/abc/Data".

    I got an additonal question if you don't mind, I deal this with a random code referencing user name (ex: 48bd24a7-075f-6be1-xxxx-a6x509xx4xx5) instead of user name itself and it is not SID.

    This code I found in AX error message, how did I get this code again? Is this stored in AD,AX or somewhere?

  • Verified answer
    Martin Dráb Profile Picture
    Martin Dráb 225,783 Super User on at
    RE: [TFS] How to undo checkout by another user

    You can use "tf" command line utility to do that. Refer to Undo Changes in Another User's Workspace for details. Make sure you use the full workspace name.

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