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Error Posting Batch

Posted on by 87
Hi All ,
I'm trying to post a payables batch , but it keeps going to recovery.
Here's the error message.
A save operation on table 'Batch Header' record was changed by another user.
I've cleared the following
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated .
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    rajivsewsarran Profile Picture
    rajivsewsarran 87 on at
    Error Posting Batch
    Hi All,
    Thanks for your responses.
    This is what i did which worked in the end ...
    Created a new batch called TEMP with the same criteria as the current batch
    Updated the documents in the PM10000 to have TEMP as the batch number - ran check links on Payable transactional
    Deleted the current batch
    Recreated the batch with the same name and criteria
    Updated the documents in the PM10000 to the newly created batch , ran check links again
    deleted the TEMP batch

    The documents are now posted
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    Beat Bucher  GP Geek  GPUG All Star Profile Picture
    Beat Bucher GP Gee... 28,009 Super User on at
    Error Posting Batch
    One of the most overseen functions in GP for Batch posting is the Batch Edit list report that every user should print on screen before trying to post. GP will identify and list all the issues that could prevent a batch transaction from posting, by indicating for example if the Fiscal Period is closed, or a distribution is missing or some GL account is invalid, etc.. 
    Try that first and report back any errors resulting in the Batch Edit List report. 
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    Lisa at Profile Picture
    Lisa at 2,992 on at
    Error Posting Batch
    A few things to try:
    -Check Links on Payables Transactions
    -If it is only happening in one batch, try moving one of the transactions to another batch.  Does that batch post?  If so, the issue may be with the Posting Definitions Master.  Here is a link to recreating it:  Error when you post a batch in Dynamics GP - Dynamics GP | Microsoft Learn

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