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Error in Social Posts

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We launched a couple of LinkedIn campaigns via Social posts a few months ago, but somehow the application is now showing an error on these posts. The error is saying "one or more required fields are missing values", but we cannnot find any empty fields anywhere. The insights are completely empty, although they were filled before. The posts that were shared via other social media channels, such as facebook, don't show this error and Insights are also showing correctly.

Is this a bug or are we missing something?

  • Sophieanne Profile Picture
    Sophieanne 37 on at
    RE: Error in Social Posts

    Hi, I'm still awaiting a response from support. Will update this post when I know more!

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    DenisCesel 45 on at
    RE: Error in Social Posts

    We had the same issue (my company). We are trying to understand if this is a bug or something that is related to the latest posts. We were able to verify that the posts shared on other social media channels such as Facebook were not affected by this issue. We also noticed that the insights that were filled before, now appear to be empty. We are now trying to figure out what has caused this issue and whether we are missing something. We have taken a closer look at the LinkedIn pages and noticed that they were affected by the issue. We have also checked the insights to see if any data was being filled in, but unfortunately, it appears that the insights are empty. Well, now I will tell you how we managed to fix this. The answer is - social media agency in Dubai. We got tired of doing everything by ourselves and dealing with issues. Now real professionals are doing their work and helping us promote the business. I am so glad I applied to them.

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    RE: Error in Social Posts

    Hi Sophieanne, 
    Please file a support ticket to ensure we can assist further.  


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