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Create Multiple Un-Posted Receipts from one Purchase Order

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Posted on by UG Leader


Our receipt process is like this:

1. Warehouse brings packing slips to our department.
2. Our department keys these into NAV in the "Qty to Receive" column of a Purchase Order, using the Vendor Shipment Number field to key in the packing slip number, but we DO NOT POST a receipt or invoice.
3. Another department cross references the warehouse's scan with our the numbers we keyed into Qty. to Receive.
4. Once quantities have been verified another department posts a receipt from the Purchase Order, using the numbers we keyed in Step 2.

This creates an issue on days when we receive 2 packing slips for the same Purchase Order - we do not want to combine them into one receipt, and yet we need to key both of them into the Purchase Order with separate vendor shipment numbers. However, until one has been posted, we cannot override the data keyed in. This is the only way we have found to key in numbers and double check them prior to posting the Receipt.

I understand we could simply post the receipt and then if the quantities are off, reverse the receipt and post a new one, but this seems like more trouble than it's worth.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a more efficient way for our department to key in these numbers for each packing slip we receive, allow another department to verify these numbers, and THEN post a document?

Thank you.

  • TeddyH Profile Picture
    TeddyH 12,720 Super User on at
    RE: Create Multiple Un-Posted Receipts from one Purchase Order

    There are limited options using standard functions, such as Warehouse Receipt or Inventory Put-Away. All needs customisation to make it more suitable and convenient for users.

    Other option is to use Lot No. ( also not that convenient for users )

    Warehouse user fills in Vendor Shipment Number and Quantity on the Lot No.

    When another department post the receipt, they copy the Vendor Shipment Number from Lot No and post it.

    It might be better to change the business process.

  • Hannes Holst Profile Picture
    Hannes Holst 5,763 on at
    RE: Create Multiple Un-Posted Receipts from one Purchase Order

    You could create the Purchase Orders based on your receipts.

    Alternativly, you have to either optimize your process or invest in a custom made solution for your NAV.

  • Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member UG Leader on at
    RE: Create Multiple Un-Posted Receipts from one Purchase Order

    I have looked into this. There are a few issues related to our processes that prevent us from doing this. Firstly, the same department that keys in the Packing Slip double checks the pricing, and Warehouse Receipts do not allow us to do that. Secondly, in order to retrieve the lines from the Purchase Order ("Get Source Document") the Purchase Order has to be released, which is a huge inconvenience, especially considering that the pricing may be adjusted numerous times prior to posting, which will require constantly reopening and releasing it.

  • I Gusti Made Ari Profile Picture
    I Gusti Made Ari 3,590 on at
    RE: Create Multiple Un-Posted Receipts from one Purchase Order

    Hi , why don't use the Warehouse Receipt functionality for this case instead of doing it directly at Purchase Order.  You can create warehouse receipt for each receipt that user received from vendor.

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