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Automated Data Capturing Systems (ADCS) diagnostic

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Two part question

1.  Article ID: 2942398 refers to an ADCS diagnostics tool - but provides no links e.t.c. to find this tool - can anyone point me in the right direction

2. When using ADCS we are getting a lot of VT100 registry entry warnings. (see text below) is this a symptom of something? Again any ideas how to resolve or what should be looked at

"problem replying to internal key XXXXXXX. Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host".

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    RE: Automated Data Capturing Systems (ADCS) diagnostic


    As to VT100 errors... We had this issue, it turned out to be our handheld intermec scanning computers dropping or timing out on the terminal session. The device never DC'd from the AP but the timeout would occur and sometimes boot them.  The VT100 session would reset and drop what they were doing. Took a long time to put two and two together, shipping guys would report the guns were slow, nothing showed on the AP, no errors in the application server log (turns out they showed up as warnings instead) since it never dropped the connection there. I popped a few more access points in, cleared up the abusers on the wifi network and the problem all but went away.  Might be other causes but for us this cleared the issue and our handhelds started working much faster and with more reliability.

    If you are dealing with wired devices then check the network traffic and make sure the switch isn't getting slammed and dropping packets, this can also cause this behavior on a wired connection.

    Good Luck!


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    AlanRW on at
    RE: Automated Data Capturing Systems (ADCS) diagnostic

    Hi did you manage to fix the transport connection problem?  If so please advise of the fix.



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    RE: Automated Data Capturing Systems (ADCS) diagnostic

    Hello gfoskin,

    I have faced ADCS issues due to programming errors that at the begining didn't look seem to be so.

    If that's the case, this might help you:

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