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Duplicate queue items

Posted on by 476

One of our mailboxes is generating duplicate queue items in its queue. The other mailboxes/queues function without problems.

When I check the duplicate queue items in detail, I only see a difference in the Created/Modified by (delegate) fields:


The cause of the problem could be that someone gave the mailbox Dynamics access rights a little while ago. But that has been solved already. 
Besides that the configuration of the environment has not been changed (MS updates maybe)...

What I checked so far:

  • No workflows on queue items of queues
  • No routing rules
  • No mailbox sync errors
  • Configuration of the mailbox and the queue are the same for other queues in the same environment (not experiencing this problem)

Unfortunately this is a production queue, so I cannot recreate it.

It is a Dynamics online (Version 1710 ( ) with Exchange online environment.

Anyone has a suggestion?

Thanks a lot!


  • Verified answer
    Bipin D365 Profile Picture
    Bipin D365 28,958 Super User on at
    RE: Duplicate queue items

    Glat, your issue is resolved.

    You can mark this thread verified so that it might help someone who is facing same issue.

    If found helpful, Please mark my answer verified.

  • Suggested answer
    Slowytech Profile Picture
    Slowytech 476 on at
    RE: Duplicate queue items

    Hi Bipin,

    Thanks for your response! I forgot to post the solution in this thread, sorry about that.

    Microsoft support reported me that the problem was caused by a know error. On 22-4 the problem has been solved by Microsoft.

    Thanks again,


  • Bipin D365 Profile Picture
    Bipin D365 28,958 Super User on at
    RE: Duplicate queue items


    Have you checked if multiple emails are getting created in CRM so duplicate queue items or single email but duplicate queue item for the same email ?

    Can you also check outlook of mailbox from which email are getting created and see if multiple emails received in outlook/exchange so multiple emails in crm.

    If found helpful, Please mark my answer verified.

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