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Adding custom functionality to Inspection Template

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We're going to implement Field Service in our organization which builds solar parks, but need to clarify a few things before we get started. 
First of all, during inspections, we sometimes might find problems that need to be taken care of. Here we would like to use the Inspection Template feature during handovers and scheduled services. 
If problems are found during the inspection, the users want the possibility to open an image of the park seen from above inside of the inspection template and then be able to put a dot on the image and save it.
This is so that the corrective department can easily see where they have to go and fix the problem. 
We have large parks with many components, and it would simply be impossible for the technician to know where to go just by specifying the component name, so having this visual overview would be great. 
It's not something that has to be precise, but literally just an image uploaded to the inspection template itself, and then an altered copy of the image is saved upon submission.  
Is there any way we can accomplish this? I think a custom control would have been ideal for this scenario, where you would configure a button, which could then open a popup asking the user to select an area on the map (image) and then save it as a file upload again afterwards. But since the designer does not allow any custom code and the Inspection Template is a table that is locked for customization I feel pretty lost. 
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    Adding custom functionality to Inspection Template
    The customisation of the inspection template with a map is not possible. 
    You can use the functional location when creating the Work Order Task, if the site doesn't have it all set up upfront the technician can use the GPS on the spot.
    Also, each task inside the work order could be associated with an asset, if the site has an asset number on each piece of equipment the technical will inspect it and can locate it. To enhance it you can configure the barcode or global search on the asset's unique number.
    If the pin on the map is a must-have, the PCF control on the work order task form looks like the best option.

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