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Display Price List Item price

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Posted on by 380
Hi All, i'm having problems resolving the following request: We have a three price lists, each price list represent a Loyalty Tier, inside of each Tier (Price list) we have some services that we offer to the customer). Based on the price list, each price list item can have a different value. I want to be able to display the Price List Item amount when someone selects a product from that price list.
As you can see bellow, this product can be offer in all three tiers (price lists), in each tier it has a different value.
I'm looking for a way to display this amount inside my customer entity Loyalty Products. This way the employee will know what is the limit for this service (kind of voucher amount)
I've tries using Quick View form, but i don't have the option to select Price List Items as related entity.
I've also tried using a real-time workflow to update a currency field, but i'm also not able to access the Price List item entity.
Any help on this?