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Displaying Customer/Contact name as respondent

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Hi all,

I am distributing a Customer Voice survey via a Customer Journey in Dynamics Marketing.
Summary of journey is I have a segment of all those attending an event(all contacts in our system), after the event I send a marketing email with a link to the customer voice survey.

The issue I seem to be having is when a customer receives the survey and completes a response, their name doesn't pull through on the respondents list in Customer Voice and instead I see a list of responses from "Marketing Respondent". As below:


If I was to open up the Customer Voice Survey Responses within Dynamics, I can see that the response was from a specific contact, but I can't see that information from within Customer Voice.

Am I missing something?

Any response appreciates.

  • rmoyer Profile Picture
    rmoyer 19 on at
    Displaying Customer/Contact name as respondent
    Has this been resolved? The answer is not helpful and it is now well over two years later. Hoping for an update regarding this issue.

    I am having the same issue when moving from Outbound to Real-time. When sending a survey through Outbound, the contacts come through, but when sending though Real-time, the responses are being tagged to Marketing Respondent. I have been unable to figure out a fix.
  • fxbhm Profile Picture
    fxbhm 27 on at
    RE: Displaying Customer/Contact name as respondent

    We are running into this issue 2023 once again. For us it seems it is only not showing the respondant name if the survey is used in a realtime marketing journey. Outbound seems fine, even with less than 5000 respondants. Can you confirm that this is Arjun N ?

  • MHPLtd Profile Picture
    MHPLtd 15 on at
    RE: Displaying Customer/Contact name as respondent

    Thanks for you response.

    Hopefully this is something that we will see soon.

    To get around this for now, I have added the Customer Voice Survey Response entity to my module driven app. This enables me to see the contact record of the person who submitted a response.

  • Verified answer
    Arjun N Profile Picture
    Arjun N on at
    RE: Displaying Customer/Contact name as respondent


    If the responses for the Survey are greater than 5000 then "Export all" in the customer voice response report should provide all the contact information details in the excel file that is downloaded. For less than 5000 responses or in the customer voice UI we have a technical limitation due to which the contact details for surveys distributed via Dynamics 365 Marketing appear as Marketing respondent. The information on Dataverse for the associated contact of response will appear correctly populated. We are working on the limitation to get it addressed so that it appears in the UI also.



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