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Line discount and promotion concurrency

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I have a specific scenario regarding promotions working in conjunction with manual line discounts on EPOS. 

We have an affiliation to trigger the discount but I don't think that is specifically causing the issue. 

Example issue

-  Item is sold where the price must be keyed in 

- item price is overridden from £0.00 to £30.00 

- A £20 manual discount is applied to the item so the price is now £10.00 

- An affiliation is added to the basket which applies a 25% staff discount.

- The discount should be 25% off of £10, making it £7.50. Instead it takes 25% off of the £30 making the total £2.50. 

I have tried a number of parameter and changes (Retail parameters) and have tried changing the concurrency rules and pricing priorities, just in case. I have also changed the functionality profile to discount against the unit price. 

Is this just the standard logic of the POS pricing engine, or is there config I am missing

  • Mueckeflo Profile Picture
    Mueckeflo on at
    RE: Line discount and promotion concurrency

    Hi Richard,

    Apologies for the late reply.

    I would need to proof that, but I would say this applies to all discounts, also to the ones defined in the trade agreements.

    Best regards,


  • Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Line discount and promotion concurrency

    Thank you Florian, 

    Is this just for pricing priorities, so limited to periodic discounts only? 

  • Suggested answer
    Mueckeflo Profile Picture
    Mueckeflo on at
    RE: Line discount and promotion concurrency

    Hi Richard,

    Unfortunately, the feature you are looking for, to calculate the compunded discount based on the original sales price or not, does not exist in AX 2012, but in D365 F&O only:


    I don't think you can't change the behavior here using the UI, but need to customize the environment instead.

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