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Publishing all dept reports based on Reporting tree in one go to a Report Library

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We have created a Reporting Tree with all the depts and the budget codes. Can we publish all the dept monthly budget reports based on the differnet codes into the same Report Library in a scheduled job.

So if we have Dept A, B, C, D with their own codes, I will have different reports created, one for each dept in one job into a Report Library.

Is this possible or is there another way to do this.

As we have over 250 Depts to report upon.

Kind regards

  • Greg Byer Profile Picture
    Greg Byer 2,586 on at
    RE: Publishing all dept reports based on Reporting tree in one go to a Report Library

    If the reporting tree has Depts A, B, C and D, they will all appear in the same report.  There is not a way for the tree to create a separate report for each department that is listed in the tree.  They will all be in one report.  

    If you wanted a separate report for each department, you'd need to create a individual reports.  You could create a tree that had all the codes for Dept A and use that in a report.  Then another tree with all the codes for Dept B and use that in another report.  You could then add those reports to a Report Group so they all generate at the same time.  If you wanted to schedule it, you could create a Report Schedule and add the Report Group.

    If you had one tree with all the departments, you could assign Unit Security to the different departments.  The tree would have Department A and all of its codes.  In Column L of the tree definition, you could assign users that should have access to Dept A.  Then for all the Department B codes, assign all the user that should have access to that.  When the report is generated, users will only be able to see the units of the tree that they have been assigned.  

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    mm123 2,535 on at
    RE: Publishing all dept reports based on Reporting tree in one go to a Report Library

    Brian, We have received a similar request from our customer, they  generate several reports for diff departments & finally they wanted a monthly consolidated reporting to be published internally as a repository. We are planning to go with a custom reporting portal solution using SSRS. Please drop an email , if you are interested in learning our custom solution.


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