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A Generic error occurred in GDI+

Posted on by 30

HI, I have this error below shown. Is not everytime will hit this only at curtain time happen. Have anyone experience this before? 

On Sales Transaction Dynamics GP 18..3





  • Beat Bucher  GP Geek  GPUG All Star Profile Picture
    Beat Bucher GP Gee... 28,009 Super User on at
    RE: A Generic error occurred in GDI+

    I agree with Derek,

    This case is going to be difficult to resolve without having more information about the particular user profile..

    Unless there are important personal data to save from the TS server of that user, I'd simply try to remove that user profile from the system (thru system admin tools) and have that user login again with creating a brand new local profile on the server.

    This looks like more of a permission issue or local profile corruption than any GP problem, in particular if all other users are using the same GP client with the same settings (DYNAMICS.SET & DEX.ini).

  • Suggested answer
    RE: A Generic error occurred in GDI+

    To verify, is Dynamics GP installed only on one server in a RDS/terminal server environment with all users accessing the same Dynamics GP instance?

    If so, and only one user is seeing this error occur while all of the other users do not, then it would almost seem that there's something with this one user, like maybe their user profile on the server, files in the user's Temp directory causing issues, things that would be more user-specific.

    Are all users using the same Dex.ini, Dynamics.set and same modified forms/reports dictionary files?

    If the issue only occurs between 4pm and 6pm, I would verify whether that is actually true or this one user is only doing the process that causes this error between 4 and 6pm.

    If the error truly only occurs between 4pm and 6pm, then you'll need to determine what on the environment is changing or beginning to run, at that specific timeframe, that would impact only this one user and none of the others.

    I don't know if anyone here is going to be able to really give an answer to what may be causing the error being seen, unless they've ran into it themselves.

    I didn't find any mention of it in our case history and even online, there's little to nothing, besides some articles for other Dynamics applications mentioning Citrix and/or roaming profiles, as well as .NET patches.

    Let us know what you find out or if you have any questions.


  • MKChan Profile Picture
    MKChan 30 on at
    RE: A Generic error occurred in GDI+

    Dear Derek,

    The are no 3rd party on this. And is using Remote access Desktop to the server and there are 30users using it. Only 1 user is having this issue on certain time always happen at 4pm-6pm.

  • MKChan Profile Picture
    MKChan 30 on at
    RE: A Generic error occurred in GDI+

    Dear Beat,

    This is using in remote access where there are about 30 user using this server. The only thing is only happen at a certain time about 4pm-6pm and only this 1 user is having this issue.

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    Beat Bucher  GP Geek  GPUG All Star Profile Picture
    Beat Bucher GP Gee... 28,009 Super User on at
    RE: A Generic error occurred in GDI+

    Hi MK,

    I'm with Derek on this one.. this seems to be an environmental issue with the Windows system... The simple fact that your toolbar icons are showing nothing than a red cross speaks for itself.

    Run a repair on the GP folder or re-install the client from scratch.

    Any recent updates on this machine ? Windows, .NET or Office ? program installed or removed that could have altered the global GP context.. ?

  • Suggested answer
    RE: A Generic error occurred in GDI+

    This seems to be a generic error meaning something failed within GDI+, commonly when trying to save an image that is locked, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

    A definition of GDI+ >> "Windows GDI+ is a class-based API for C/C++ programmers. It enables applications to use graphics and formatted text on both the video display and the printer. Applications based on the Microsoft Win32 API do not access graphics hardware directly. Instead, GDI+ interacts with device drivers on behalf of applications. GDI+ is also supported by Microsoft Win64."

    You mention it is in the Sales Trx Entry window, what exactly are you doing when this error shows?

    If you click on the 'Details' button, what does that show?

    Do you have any third party products, customizations and/or VBA being used with Dynamics GP?

    As a test, if you rename the GP directory on one machine, then run a Repair of Dynamics GP on the same machine which will re-create the entire GP directory under the original name, to include all folders and files, but without third party products, customizations or modified forms and reports, if you login to this 'clean' GP directory, can you re-create this same GDI+ error message?

     --If not, we'd then want to add back first the forms/reports dictionary files and test again to make sure the error doesn't show. Then add back the third party products and customizations, one by one, until the GDI+ error shows again, if at all.

    Let us know your findings or if you have any questions.

    Thank you

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