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Effort estimation for implementation of a custom API call in MS-Dynamics Field Service

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Dear all,
we are using MS Dynamics (Field Service) as our ressource management software.
We want to customize the ERP and add a custom API call to a third-party REST-API.
The data to be transmitted consists of some text data and a PDF-File.
We expect not more than 50-100 calls a day.
Unfortunately we have no expertise in customization of MS Dynamics.
Before we hire a freelancer, we need some guesstimate of the expected effort.
Could someone of you with experience in MS Dynamics help us with what
effort (roughly) an experienced MS Dynamics developer would need for such a modification ?
Are we talking about days or weeks here ?
Thank you
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    Guido Preite 54,048 Super User on at
    Effort estimation for implementation of a custom API call in MS-Dynamics Field Service
    This kind of customization requires to know two important things:
    1) how this integration will be triggered (for example manually, or when a record is created, or scheduled every X hours) because based on this information the developer needs to decide the method to trigger it (a custom button, a plugin, an azure function...)
    2) if the PDF file you mentioned is already created and inside the system (like an attachment) or needs to be created on the fly (because creating a PDF will require additional time than retrieving an existing file)
    based on these two factors the developer will decide how to implement the solution using the correct technology (plugin, Custom API, Azure Function,..)
    If you want an estimate, we are going from a few days with the simplest scenario (when a record is created and PDF file already attached) to a week or two in the complex scenario (azure function + creation on the fly of the PDF file) but without knowing the exact specifications is difficult to give you a more detailed estimate.
    Keep in mind that when an external entity (freelancer or company) needs to access your system, you will need to setup a user so they can use to create the integration and test it.

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