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GP 2010 Post Inventory Adjustment with eConnect

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I am trying to adjust an item's quantity on hand by creating and posting an item transaction with type 'adjustment'. I can successfully create and post a transaction through the GP user interface by going to the 'Inventory' tab and selecting 'Transaction Entry', then entering the information and clicking 'Post'. I want to replicate this in a C# application using eConnect, but I've only been able to create an unposted item transaction, which doesn't change quantity on hand and would require someone to post it through GP.

The eConnect schema for the header object I am sending: taIVTransactionHeaderInsert

The eConnect schema for the line object I am sending: taIVTransactionLineInsert

The eConnect schema for the transaction type: IVInventoryTransactionType

The header has fields for a batch number and posted user/date. I've tried leaving out the batch number since I want a posted transaction, but that field is required. I've tried setting the posted user/date, but the date is not set and the transaction does not get posted. I've been unable to locate any eConnect documentation about this, or any other references to this issue online. If anyone could help with this or point me in some direction to get help, it would be much appreciated.

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    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: GP 2010 Post Inventory Adjustment with eConnect

    That is not eConnect's job. eConnect's job is to bring transactions into GP as if you were entering them manually. Then the user prints the edit list and posts. Now since there is no batching of bank transactions they will post automatically. Your company may have a policy where the user who enters the transactions is not the same one that posts them. This is simply for checks and balances. The auto post third party products came about to address these requests and help when there is a large number of transactions.

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    Sam Kline 5 on at
    RE: GP 2010 Post Inventory Adjustment with eConnect

    Thanks for your answer. I'm curious why eConnect does not allow posting. Do you know if it's because there are already other products to do it, or is there some other reason?

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    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: GP 2010 Post Inventory Adjustment with eConnect

    You are trying to do something that is not possible. As you noted the schema for taIVTransactionHeaderInsert you see that the batch number is a required field. The transactions coming in from eConnect must go into a batch and then the batch is posted using GP. There is no way to import an online transaction using eConnect. There are products called SmartPost and BatchMaster that can post batches automatically.

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