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How do Disabled and Deleted users work?

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How can a user be deleted from a Power Platform environment and what actually happens? Like for example, there's a Delete button on the User details screen, but when I click on it and confirm, the user isn't deleted. There's also a Status of Enabled or Disabled at the bottom but as far as I know, the only way to set this to Disabled is if you have an AD Security Group for the environment and you remove the user from it. There's no Disable user button.
Can you actually delete the user and what happens then? What happens to all the records they're assigned or attached to? What does it mean for a user to be disabled? Is it the same as if they didn't have any security roles?
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    RE: How do Disabled and Deleted users work?

    Hi diskdrive,

    When a user is deleted from the Microsoft 365 admin center, the user isn't removed from environments in which they're active. Instead, the user's status is set to Disabled in Dynamics 365. 

    Delete users from Dynamics 365 environments - Power Platform | Microsoft Docs

    You need reassign their owned entity records or process.

    Removing all security roles from the user prevents the user from signing into and accessing Dynamics 365 (online). However, it doesn’t remove the license from the user and the user remains in the list of the enabled users in Dynamics 365 (online). Removing security roles from a user isn’t a recommended method of removing access to Dynamics 365 (online).

    KA-01190  · Customer Self-Service (

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    RE: How do Disabled and Deleted users work?


    You could create on-demand process to Disable User. Please see below image-


    Delete button does not do anything.

    Once User is disabled ->

    1. They can't login

    2. Records are still associated and not deleted from the system

    3. Workflow/plugin will not work which are assigned to the disabled user

    Now To run the on-deman workflow ->Open User record->Click ...ecclipse button->Run Workflow->Select your workflow->Click ok->Your user record is disabled now

    Please mark my answer verified if this is helpful!


    Bipin Kumar

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    RE: How do Disabled and Deleted users work?


    A user can be disabled for multiple reasons:

    a) Doesn't belong to the security group associated with the domain.

    b) M365/AzureAD setting to prevent login

    c) If the company is using Pivilege Identity Management and the access is lost

    d) If the user doesn't have ANY license that allows access.

    e) Plugins/workflows requiring specific fields to be populated might also set the enabled/disabled status.

    As you indicate, this is an automatic value set on user sync from AzureAD/M365 portal.  When a user is disabled it means that:

    a) the user can't login.

    b) records are still associated and you can create reports based on this

    c) any Workflow/SDK processing step running under the context of this user will stop working

    A user that doesn't have security roles, can get security roles assigned through a Team (and therefore, login).

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