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Workflow locks up GP

Posted on by 24
On Friday everything was working in GP 18.5.  Beginning on Monday, GP locks up when accessing these workflow items:
1.  Opening a vendor card that is waiting for approval.
2.  On the workflow setup /workflow user selection/ screen when attempting to add a person
3.  Adding a new manager to a workflow
It doesn't appear to be a GP email issue because the vendor remittances are going out.  We can click submit on a new vendor, but cannot go back and approve.
This issue started occurring in both test and production at the same time.
I tried running a dexsql.log and it stops populating when I click to add/lookup a person.
I feel like it must have something to do with the connection to AD, but we did not make any changes to it over the weekend.
Does anyone have any ideas of what to look at?
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    Terry R Heley Profile Picture
    Terry R Heley Microsoft Employee on at
    Workflow locks up GP
    If this is all been working fine for you.... we have had a few customers come in with "hang" issues and they are using Anti-Virus SentinelOne.
    There was an update that was released that is causing issues with GP and hanging.
    Can you clarify if this customer has this anti-virus and maybe this update is causing all their issues?

    This has been causing some customers to have login hang issues and it has in some cases crippled our workflow as it is making a call to AD (which you mentioned too) and something with that update is causing the issue.
    As a test you can temporarily disable it, test in GP if it works, then we know that is the problem.
    The customer will need to look into the updates that were applied for the Anti-Virus product or find an exception for GP or reach out to SentinelOne around what they changed with this update to cause the problem.
    Terry Heley
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    Community member Profile Picture
    Community member 24 on at
    Workflow locks up GP
    Found the solution - posting here because I am sure others will encounter the same thing.
    SentinelOne pushed out an update the beginning of August.  As GP users install this update it is breaking GP.  It causes GP to stick on initializing.  If you are able to open GP it does not allow GP to connect to AD.  We ended up having to delete Sentinel One from the GP database and app server to fix the issue.  We do not yet have a solution that will allow us to re-install SentinelOne.
    Marilyn Hunter

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