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Unpicking or undoing a registered pick

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I've created a sales order, released it, created warehouse shipment, created pick, and registered a pick

for two items on the order.

ITEM A, Ordered Qty 10, Picked 10

ITEM B, Ordered Qty 10, Picked 10

I made a mistake only on ITEM A.   I need to undo just the picked qty of 10 for ITEM A.  Picked should only be 5.

Right now I don't know how to do efficiently, but to start over again. 

  1. Delete the warehouse shipment.  Quantities are in the SHIP bin.
  2. Move both ITEM A and ITEM B quantities from SHIP bin to the normal pick bins.
  3. Create a new warehouse shipment.
  4. Create a new warehouse pick.
  5. Register the pick for both ITEM A and ITEM B.

That's a lot of steps just to undo ITEM A without undoing everything.

  • M.Bilal Sarwar Profile Picture
    M.Bilal Sarwar 52 on at
    RE: Unpicking or undoing a registered pick

    You have any solution for that i am facing same problem.

  • Verified answer
    Guy McKenzie Profile Picture
    Guy McKenzie 1,330 on at
    RE: Unpicking or undoing a registered pick

    You’re basically correct although you can slightly reduce the required steps.

    1. Delete the registered pick.
    2. Return the stock from ship bin to stock bins.
    3. Recreate pick from shipment.
    4. Register pick correctly.

    Basically, you should be able to do it without deleting the shipment.

    Alternatively, let pick stand.

    change qty to ship on shipment to 5

    post shipment

    return 5 units of item A to stock bin.

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