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Filtered Views

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Is there any way to cache a filter I place on a view?

Before the latest updates, I used to have a view of all phone calls. I was able to filter this view to show certain criteria of phone calls. When I clicked into one of these phone call records and completed the record, I would be returned to the view with the filters I placed on it still applied.

Now, however, when I am returned to the view, my filters have been removed. Is there any way to cache these filters without creating new saved views? It is costing a lot of time to reapply these filters.  

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    Kiri 10 on at
    RE: Filtered Views

    Not exactly what you're after, but the 'Row Set' Navigation might be the way to work with your filtered Views now. It's kind of tucked away on the left once you open a record, and very easy to forget about.

    Basic navigation in a model-driven app - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

  • Strandby Profile Picture
    Strandby 17 on at
    RE: Filtered Views

    Same problem - all filters I add to the view will be removed, when I look into a case or contact and returns to the view. The same happens when I add columns.

  • RE: Filtered Views

    When I first access the view I see a list of phone calls:


    But I apply filters to meet certain criteria (e.g. most urgent ones due on a certain date):


    When I click into one of these phone calls and complete it, I am returned back to the view which shows the same as the first image. The filters are not saved. 

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    Nya 29,050 on at
    RE: Filtered Views


    Would you please attach some screenshots to describe your issue more clearly?

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