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Best Practice for KB articles

Posted on by 3,077

Hi Community,

Question 1:

Is there any way to import KB articles in bulk? As customer is already using 300+ articles in word and we need to import to Dev as part of development.

Question 2:

Also, once development is completed, can we move those KB articles from Dev to Test and so on to production?

Let me know the best practices to handle KB articles.


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    ashish12 Profile Picture
    ashish12 3,077 on at
    RE: Best Practice for KB articles

    Thank You, I will try this way.

    As there is no other way to upload the KBs.

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    Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Best Practice for KB articles

    This can be done, but it's not easy.  The kb article entity wants the data to be in a very specific format.

    If you look at the entity fields, there is a content and description field.  If you extract the data in those fields, you'll see a bunch of HTML and XML encoding going on, mixed in with the content.

    This is a hack, but it might work.

    1. Create a KB template that best approximates what the articles looked like in the legacy system.  You can have different formats for these templates, refer to the CRM documentation for more information on this.

    2. Create some new 'dummy' articles with the new template and save them to CRM.

    3. Extract the new records from CRM and investigate the formatting used.  You didn't mention if you are on-premise or on-line, but this will be easier if you are on-premise and have access to the SQL server.  You can still do this on-line, but you may need to get some tools to get it to a local SQL server. (Kingswaysoft has SSIS tools you can use for this).

    4. Re-format the old articles into the new format, then upload them as new records to CRM.

    Credits: An unknown forum member posted this on a similar thread.

    I hope this helps!

    It is the best practice that you may follow.



    Member of o365cloudexperts and CloudDesktopOnline

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    ashish12 Profile Picture
    ashish12 3,077 on at
    RE: Best Practice for KB articles

    Hi Adrian,

    Do we have a better or latest solution for the bulk upload? Some tool ?


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    Adrian Begovich Profile Picture
    Adrian Begovich 20,973 Super User on at
    RE: Best Practice for KB articles

    Hi Canada365Guy,

    This forum topic contains approaches for importing KB Article records in bulk. You can move KB Articles between instances once your development is completed.

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