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AX 2009 - AIF outbound gateway service performance issues

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Hi there!

We have a customer that have quite a lot AIF outbound messages to be processed. Recently the number of msg's increased and the batch that is set up to process the gateway send service is not performing as expected. The msg's in the queue grow and grow during peak times.

We have the following batch setup:

2 batches are set up for the AIF outbound process. 

  • 1 for the processing service
  • 1 for the gateway and send service

What did I already try in terms of setup to boost the performance

  1. I set up another batch for the gateway and send service running on another AOS -> This did only work for a very short time since 1 of these 2 batches hung up. This batch could not be stopped anymore without restarting the AOS (by killing the process). I think there AX 2009 is not designed to set 2 batches up for this process. While the 2 batches were running, the performance was of course much better.
  2. I started playing around with the Endpoint configurations. I set the outbound property parameter "Limit number of documents" to No --> no difference in the performance. Afterwards I limited it to 500 (default: 1000) --> no difference in the performance.

What questions do I have

  1. Does  anybody have, out of experience, any suggestions on how to optimize the setup in terms of performance optimization? Any help is welcome…
  2. Do you have an idea how we could enhance the AIF framework in order to get a better performance? Currently I have the following idea: AX does not give any option to set up the gateway (or any other AIF related batch) per AIF Channel. Hence, I am not able to have more than 1 batch set up to handle the gateway. With this approach I would be able to set up a single batch for each channel. Each batch would take only the msg’s of its channel and writes it to the directory.

Thanks in advance!!

  • RE: AX 2009 - AIF outbound gateway service performance issues

    The inbound process is performing well since I activated already the parallel processing.

    I only have problems with the gateway and send service for my outbound msg's. The process that writes the XMLs into the file directory.

    Even the AIF outbound processing service batch performs very well. Its really just about the gateway.

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    Martin Dráb 225,490 Super User on at
    RE: AX 2009 - AIF outbound gateway service performance issues

    It all depends on what exactly is slow. As always with performance issues.

    Try ticking Parallel processing check box on the channel (then you can also play with MaximumInboundParallelMessages macro). It should allow the batch to use more threads for processing.

    Also consult the Server and Database Administration Guide for additional advices.

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